Since 1929

Emotion as a a legacy

MAISON SCHWARTZ’s works, largely custom-made for clients like sovereign and royal figures or famous public personalities amongst the most distinguished are so rare that there is virtually no limit to what collectors are willing to outlook. “Collectors” because clients of MAISON SCHWARTZ who hold one of their signature pieces are all connoisseurs.

Fewer than 80 prestige pieces are annually crafted by the artisans of MAISON SCHWARTZ, some taking years to produce, notably when the most particular design and constituents have to be found to perfectly match the client’s wishes. But there’s no assurance that secretive Cyril SCHWARTZ and his most secretive artistic director, “K”, will design the sautoir of your dreams: they feel the jewelry must complement the client and vice versa.

This rare and confidential nature certainly is a part of what makes MAISON SCHWARTZ’s jewelry so sought-after.

Another part is undoubtedly the exclusive Ocellite™, high-end lab. created gemstones with the most dazzling radiance; here perfection and demand for the highest quality is not a superlative when entering the very mysterious MAISON SCHWARTZ workshops : this is a legacy.

Within their walls, we talk about pure luxury: the privilege of this magnificent alternative is made with the same sense of excellence as the genuine pieces.

The “Boutique Boudoir” (whose appointment-only workshop) has no display window, no regular hours. It does not advertise and opens its doors to only a select few.

The craftsmen turning out creations produce only 60 to 80 prestige pieces a year, each of them one of a kind and many designed with a particular client in mind. MAISON SCHWARTZ reserve the right to refuse to sell an item if they don’t think it would look good on the intended wearer: playing hard to get is an eminent form of luxury, since – in the right circumstances – demand is a self-fulfilling phenomenon.

Cyril SCHWARTZ never displays his exclusive jewels to the public: the model that has been discussed and designed in private remains a secret between him and his client.

The jeweler insists that backgrounds and lights to be dimmed, yet surrounded with starkly beautiful of some elegant austerity but with flashlights to be given to his guests. After such an experience, a customer might be forgiven for thinking that the jeweler would be doing him a favor making his/her jewelry dreams come true by giving the last luxury: time and space of his life.

Being client at MAISON SCHWARTZ must be an emotion from the first to the last step.